Inspired by PASSION.

Crusader Live is a team of highly committed and dedicated students at Seoul Foreign High School with an interest in live entertainment production. Under the supervision of Mr. John Black, SFS Theatre Manager, Crusader Live supports a wide variety of events in the three state-of-the-art performance facilities on campus. The team not only loads in and out technical and staging equipment, but is responsible for the operation of the lighting, rigging, audio and video systems during live events! Team members also learn audio and video broadcast, recording and post-production skills.

|| Crew Quotes ||
This activity has helped me to develop an understanding about meeting with new people, learning to become a leader and appreciating the work that others are doing. Not only this, we actually were able to produce AMAZING shows. This has helped develop teamwork and collaboration - valuable LIFE SKILLS that I will keep in the long run.

I think that anyone who is interested in backstage theatre must try being a part of this experience because first, it is such a privilege to work in the SFS backstage environment because of the TECHNOLOGY & FACILITIES the school offers, and second, the scale of the school musicals here is so large that EVERY DAY IS LIVELY and you get to meet so many new people who have the same interests as you. This is really making me EXPERIENCE what it is like to be a stage crew in the REAL WORLD.

It's definitely something to be a part of. It's DIFFERENT from other after school activities - like sports and music...it's absolutely a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE to be involved in. I'll definitely join next year and I'm looking forward to it!

Lighting hang & focus
Light console programming
Sound equipment setup
Video equipment setup
Media (video/graphics) content creation
Media (video/audio) editing
Event planning/design
Staging setup
Set construction
Set painting
Rigging (lighting & staging)
Live-streaming / broadcast
Audio recording
And much, much more!